Greenox Permanent Adhesive spray

Permanent adhesive spray Greenox is a solvent base with modified synthetic rubber and resins. Specially recommended for DIY and industry. Format 520cc/400ml.


Permanent bonding with maximum performances having (maintaining, keeping…) the same characteristics as a normal contact glue (adhesive). Permits to join in a resistant, durable and flexible way all types of materials: wood, metal, plastic, rubber foam, leather, fabric, ceramics, etc.

Format: 520/400ml.

Directions of use of the Greenox Permanent Adhesive spray

Before using the product, shake the can vigorously for one minute.

Apply a thin layer of the adhesive onto each surface to be join. Wait until the solvent evaporates. Under normal working conditions the evaporation time range is between 1 up to 5 minutes. After this time has passed, the interval to join the surfaces together is of 2 hours.  The times depend on the materials used, environmental conditions and the amount of adhesive applied.